Welcome New Readers

I just had a very successful free giveaway of Threads That Bind (It got to #9 free in the Kindle store) and I gave away more than 16K copies. I am seeing a lot of new traffic on the site, and so I wanted to give a quick shout-out to all of you.

For those of you wanting to read more, you can find links to the first chapters of Book 2 (Unbound) and Book 3 (Bonds That Break) in the links up top. They are password protected but the passwords are readily available to anyone who wants to read them. For Unbound the password is – get this – Unbound. Crazy, huh? And for Book 3 (Bonds That Break) the password is an impossible to guess Bonds.

Anyway, feel free to take a read and see if you like what you have read. If you do, you can find the other books on Amazon. You have three options to read them:

Option 1:  Buy them. They are only $3.99 each which I think it a pretty reasonable price for a fun read. Plus you get to have them forever and read them on any device that has the kindle app on it.

Option 2: Borrow them from the Kindle Owners Lending Library. If you have Amazon prime, you can borrow up to one book from the KOLL each month. My books are eligible and if you have Amazon Prime you can read them for free. The only downside is you can only read them on actual Kindles. iPhones or iPads with a kindle app won’t work.

Option 3: This is new. For $9.99 a month you can subscribe to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. It allows you to read any book in their 600K book KU library. You can download up to 10 at a time and (unlike KOLL) you can read them on any device with a kindle app and are not restricted to reading on an actual Kindle. While you can only have 10 books checked out at a time, you can read as many books from the KU library as you want in a month. Right now, Amazon is giving away a free month of KU, so that is another good way to read the books if you are on a limited budget.

I suppose there is a fourth way – use your google-fu and find a pirated version. I’m sure they are out there, but it kind of rips me off as the author since I don’t get paid for those. It takes a lot of hours and investment to write and publish a good book. Plus those sites are typically kind of sketchy and you can get malware and viruses from things you download there. Try at your own risk.

Also, if you would like to be the first to know when new books come out, don’t forget to sign up for the mailing list. The link is in the side bar. I will send out announcements for any new books or any significant news to the people on the mailing list first.

Anyway, welcome new readers to the Havoc Chronicles family!

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