Tough Decision and a Gift

Ok, I know I promised you all that I would have Unbound loaded onto Amazon by the end of the month. That was certainly my intent. When I made that announcment, I didn’t yet have analytics on my website and assumed that no one actually read it, so hitting the deadline wasn’t a huge deal. Now I can see just how many people have come here using some variation of “How much longer do I have to wait for that Brant guy to get Unbound published?” It’s a lot more than I would have ever guessed. Now I feel like I have an actual responsibility to those people waiting for Unbound. Which it why I am writing this post.

I have made the tough decision to push out the release date of Unbound by about a week.

A week isn’t much, right? Right?

Here is a brief Q&A with myself to explain why this is happening.

Q: Why are you pushing this out? I read somewhere that you had the manuscript done. Just upload it already!

A: True, the text is written. However, there are a few things that need to happen to make this a book that you will enjoy and that I will feel good about releasing. (ie. proofreading, cover design, formatting and uploading etc.) Since I do this on my own without a traditional publisher, several of these tasks are done by friends and family members who have talents and skills that I lack. They all have lives and are helping me because they are made of pure awesomeness. That also means I can’t demand they put in 16-hour days and drop everything to meet my deadlines.

Q: Couldn’t you hire someone to do all of that for you?

A: I did hire an editor for TTB and Unbound. However, I have discovered that in making the changes my editor suggested, I introduced new mistakes. So, that means I need another round of editing focused on proofreading. Between multiple rounds of editing and paying to have a cover created, my costs would go up substantially – which would result in needing to charge more for my books to make back my investment. To prevent that, I utilize the amazing talent around me and work around their schedule. 

Q: Is this date going to keep sliding?

A: I sure hope not. I will do everything in my power to prevent that from happening.

Q: Are you serious?

A: Completely serious.

Q: Which do you prefer: Cake or Pie?

A: That’s a tough one. But I am going to have to go with cake. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not anti-pie, I’m just pro-cake.

I’ll tell you what. As way of an apology for the delay and to tide you over until next week, I have a gift for you. I have posted the entire first chapter of Unbound. Here’s how you find it: Go to “Book 2: Unbound” on the menu bar to see the link for Preview Chapter 1. This page is password protected and requires you to type in the ultra-sneaky password: Unbound. I hope you enjoy it!

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