Threads That Bind Paperback

Isn't it Beautiful?

Isn’t it Beautiful?

So, I know for most of you this won’t be a big deal, but it is very exciting for me. I recently got my proof copy of the paperback version of Threads That Bind!  I was so excited to hold my book in my hands and to see it as a physical thing – a book.

Don’t get me wrong, I have completely converted to e-books. I rarely buy paper books anymore. #1 they are usually more expensive, #2 they take up too much space on my bookshelf, #3 they are always with me since I have the kindle reading app on my phone in addition to my kindle e-reader, and #4 if I really want to read the paper version, I can use my library’s website to reserve the book and then pick it up at my leisure.

So, I really have very little use for purchasing paper books.

But still.


There is something about seeing MY book in a printed format that fills me will all kinds of giddiness. For the past few days I have randomly picked it up and lovingly flipped through the pages admiring the book.  To be honest, when the book arrived, I was completely shocked.  For whatever reason (idiocy, inattention, and inability to process spatial concepts) I was under the impression that it would be formatted like a mass market paperback:  smaller and with cheaper paper. Instead when I got it, the book looked like a trade paperback – larger with brilliant white paper.  To my own admittedly very biased eyes, it looks great! Much better than I had thought it would.

I have been checking Amazon, and Threads That Bind is now officially available for purchase. So, if you liked my books and know someone who you would like to share it with, you now have another option. The price is $12.95 and is clearly worth every penny, right? Right?

Unbound will be soon to follow in the next two weeks, I hope.

And just to reassure you, this is not impacting my writing of Book 3 – Bonds That Break.  Promise. 🙂

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4 Responses to Threads That Bind Paperback

  1. Rebecca says:

    Congratulations. You are a great writer!!!!! I love your books and cannot wait to read #3!!!

  2. bonnie says:

    That’s wonderful! I just loaned my kindle version of Threads That Bind to a friend. We were trying out the “loan” feature of the kindle and I knew she’d be a great convert to the Havoc ways!

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