Thirteen Forgotten Worlds Update

I am still working on getting Thirteen Forgotten Worlds out the door and ready to read. In the meantime I have put the second and third chapters up for you to read. Like chapter 1, the password for all the new chapters is: Seamwarden.

Read Chapter 1

Read Chapter 2

Read Chapter 3

Here is the updated description:

Fresh from his High School graduation, Pierce thought he was going to Harvard. His future was chosen, set, and finalized. A done deal.

All that changes when a morning run brings him face-to-face with truths very few people know: thirteen worlds intersect with our own at a place called the Seams. Most people cannot remember them because their minds are incapable of comprehending the Seams or anything that comes from there.

But a few people are different. They remember.

Now, more than anything, Pierce wants to become a Seam Warden. They guard our world, enforcing laws and protecting those other-world citizens who live here peacefully.

But as Pierce trains to become a Seam Warden, he uncovers a traitor selling advanced technology to those who can’t possibly understand it. When that technology endangers an old friend’s life, Pierce has to violate orders and risk his only chance at becoming a Seam Warden to find the traitor and save his friend before it’s too late. 

(Thanks to those of you who gave me feedback on the prior description. I think this one is much better thanks to your input.)


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