Rough Draft Done – Thirteen Forgotten Worlds (Seam Wardens Book 1)

So, it has been a long time since I updated my website. Like, a really long time. Holy cow! Well, the excuse I have is that I have been hard at work on a new book, the first in a new series. It is tentatively titled The Thirteen Forgotten Worlds (Seam Wardens Book 1).

I haven’t written an official blurb/summary for the book, so I am just going to give a rambling description so you can get an idea about it. This book has less of a fantasy feel and more Science Fiction, but the lines are pretty blurry.

The Seams are those places where the boundaries between our world and the other connected worlds are the thinnest. We interact with beings from these other worlds all the time, but few people know because the majority of humans cannot remember the Seams or interactions with beings from the Seams. Only a small percentage of the population can remember. Those people are recruited to be Seam Wardens. The Seam Wardens guard those boundaries, regulate movement between the worlds, and monitor those creatures from other worlds that have relocated here.

This book follows Pierce, who has just graduated from High School and has a scholarship lined up for college. He has the ability to be a Seam Warden and his past has been intertwined with the Seams more than he ever suspected. This is the story of his recruitment and training as a Seam Warden Cadet.

The rough draft is done, but I still need to send it through some beta readers and get their feedback, do a final edit, and get a cover made. Once the book is closer to being done, I will put some sample chapters up on the website. I hope to have it up on Amazon sometime in the next few months. I hesitate to put out a date yet because these things always go slower than I anticipate.

I have a few beta readers already lined up, but could use a couple more. If you would like to be a beta reader, use the contact form at the top of the page to let me know. I am looking for people who could read it and give me feedback within two weeks of receiving it. I would send a Microsoft Word document and have you use the track changes feature to get your feedback and comments.

I’m excited to finally get this book out and share it with my readers!

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  1. Kevin McKinney says:

    Excellent!! Can’t wait to read it!

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