Puebla Cathedral


I like to put locations I have visited into my books. If I go somewhere that is particularly beautiful, interesting, or just out of the ordinary, my mind starts to look for ways I can put it into a book.

Puebla CathedralI traveled down to Puebla, Mexico for work back in 2005. I enjoyed my time down there, but was particularly impressed with the large cathedral in the middle of the city. It was this beautiful, massive building right in the middle of the city. It was the first cathedral I had seen in person.

When the time came that I needed to plan out where each of the Havocs was bound, I just knew that I wanted to have one of them bound in the courtyard of the Puebla Cathedral. It was a big, open space and was a lot more interesting than the parking lot of a circle K. (Yes, this was an intentional movie reference for those who may be wondering.)

SIDE NOTE: The Spring Break chapter almost didn’t make it into Unbound and was actually the last chapter written in the book. Originally Threads That Bind and Unbound were written together in a single draft. However, it ended up much longer than I had expected. When I was looking at publishing this via a traditional publisher, I realized that the word count was beyond what a publisher wanted for the YA genre from a debut author. So, I skipped this chapter. I figured I could put it somewhere in the beginning of the next book.

Once I decided that I was going to publish these books myself on the Kindle store, I realized that I had complete freedom to do what I wanted with the books. After talking to some authors and editors that I knew, I decided to split the book into two at the end of the fight on Winter Solstice. After that fight, the tone of the book changed quite a bit, and I realized that it really should be a separate book. Once I had split them into two books, that gave me the freedom to add in the scene I had skipped.

Looking back, I am very glad that I was able to get this scene in. Not only did it provide some nice character development for Madison and Rhys, but it also gave me the chance to put some information in that hints at the true origins of the Havocs so that when you find out in the next book, it will hopefully not feel like it comes completely out of the blue.

So, for those of you waiting for the next book, go back and read the Spring Break chapter and look for the clues there.  Enjoy!

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