Places To Find Free Ebooks

Today is the first day of Threads That Bind being free. The hardest part about doing a giveaway is getting the word out. There are many free blogs that help promote free kindle books, and I am sure many of you who have found your way here came via finding Threads That Bind listed for free on one of these sites. I wanted to give a shout-out to the ones that I have seen promoting Threads That Bind today:

EDIT: Here are some updates of places that have picked up TTB:

While you are waiting for Unbound to come out, those are all great places to find good reads for free.

One last thing. While they have not picked up Threads That Bind today, in the past two blogs were also very helpful in getting the word out:

Hopefully one or both of these will still pick up Threads That Bind today or tomorrow. (Update: Pixel of Ink has picked it up! Woot!) I’m hoping to give away a lot of copies in advance of Unbound coming out. Spread the word! Tell your minions. Shout it from the rooftops and in crowded theaters. 🙂 Or just pass it on to your friends who you think might enjoy it.

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