Places to Find Free ebooks 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

Hopefully someone out there will get my joke with the title. I’m not sure how popular of a reference that is outside of the in-jokes I have with my brothers and some friends.

Anyway, the first day of the Threads That Bind giveaway is 2/3 over and I wanted to give a shoutout to the blogs and websites that posted my book for me. Given the number of free downloads TTB has had since it has been released, there is a good chance you first found out about it via one of these services.

Places where it is currently listed:

Free Kindle Books and Tips:

Books from DBT get uploaded to this list of top ebooks:

There are two big lists that are also great resources for finding free ebooks. They have picked up my books in the past and resulted in thousands of downloads. They haven’t picked up my listing yet for this giveaway, but I am hopeful for tomorrow.


Unfortunately’s author submission form was down for several days, so I wasn’t able to let them know about the giveaway until today, so it looks like I missed the window for getting on there for today. Perhaps tomorrow.

And one last pitch here. A fellow writer, Ruth Nestvold, who is in the same online writing group I am a part of is also having a free giveaway of her book Shadow of Stone today and tomorrow as well. Click the link if you want to check it out. (FYI, given who my audience is, I put out a warning that the book contains mature content. While I know she is a talented writer, I have not read this particular piece myself and I am led to understand it contains content likely not suitable for kids.)


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