Giveaway and current research

So, July 27th and 28th I am doing another (and possibly the last ever) Threads That Bind giveaway. Amazon keeps changing the algorithms so that the effects of a good free giveaway don’t last as long as they used to. I may start moving to 99 cent sales instead. So, if you have friends or family who you want to read the books, tomorrow will be the perfect time for them the get TTB.

Also, I have been working hard on Bonds That Break. For those of you who like to see a bit inside the writing process, I thought I would post the links to the web pages I currently have up in my browser for research on my current chapter. They aren’t real spoilers that give away plot elements, but it will tell you a bit about where at least one scene takes place.


Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4

Link 5

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3 Responses to Giveaway and current research

  1. Rachel says:

    That will be awesome can’t wait to see how it all ties in together!

  2. nellie bly says:

    obviuosly they will be going to antarctica in one of the summer months of the southern hemisphere. they will be traveling the drake passage in an RIB boat and will be sleeping in a cabin on the boat. and it will be very cold. can’t wait for this book

    • Brant says:

      Good job, Nellie, you got some of it right. I’m just not going to tell you which parts. 🙂 The bigger question, is the “why” behind the trip…

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