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Apple, BN, and Kobo, Oh My!

  UPDATE: After trying the experiment, I have decided to pull them off of the extended distribution and keep them exclusive to amazon. This allows me to participate in Kindle Unlimited which has changed and is now worth my being … Continue reading

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Killing Characters

SPOILER ALERT! This post will contain spoilers for Unbound.     Ok, if you have not yet read Unbound, stop reading now and go read it. Then come back here when you are done. You’ve finished Unbound? Promise? Willing to … Continue reading

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Welcome New Readers

Whenever I do a giveaway of Threads That Bind, I typically get an increase of people coming to the blog to take a look at the first chapter of Threads That Bind. Welcome to all of you! Please take a … Continue reading

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Popular Highlights

Have you ever used the Highlight feature on your Kindle? This nifty feature allows you as a reader to mark passages that you liked or want to remember. It aggregates them for you in a file called “My Clippings”.  While … Continue reading

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Puebla Cathedral

WARNING – POST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR UNBOUND I like to put locations I have visited into my books. If I go somewhere that is particularly beautiful, interesting, or just out of the ordinary, my mind starts to look for ways … Continue reading

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How Did You Discover My Books?

One of the challenges of being an independent writer is that I don’t have a marketing department. All my marketing comes from my own efforts, or the efforts of you wonderful people who have read my books and spread the … Continue reading

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Welsh Lovespoons

WARNING – POST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR UNBOUND I had developed the character of Rhys fairly early on. I have some Welsh ancestry, and I’ve always been fascinated by Wales, so I thought it would be cool to have a Welsh … Continue reading

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Purchased Book Reviews

There has been quite a controversy lately about on-line reviews. In particular, about the validity of the reviews. It appears that there are services that you can pay to give you enthusiastic reviews on your product/book, regardless of the quality. … Continue reading

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Multnomah Falls

Warning: Spoiler Alert. If you have not yet read Unbound, this post will contain spoilers. One of the things I have enjoyed about writing these books, is the chance to share places that I’ve been to  and love. Multnomah Falls definitely fits … Continue reading

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Unbound Cover Complete

We are one step closer to having Unbound ready to upload! My good friend, and all around creative genius, Tian Mulholland has created a cover that I absolutely love! It really helps to have talented friends who are willing to share … Continue reading

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