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Unbound CoverFor the first time since publishing The Havoc Chronicles, I am going to discount Unbound. I am doing a Kindle Count Down deal from October 1-5th. If you haven’t yet had a chance to pick it up, you can now get it for $0.99 through October 5th.

To get the word out I am going to do a BookBub ad. If you are not familiar with BookBub, they are a fantastic place to find great free and discounted books. You sign up on their website and tell them the genres you like, and they will send you an email with 3-5 books in it each day. They are very picky about what books they accept, so you know you are getting good quality. I highly recommend them.

I’ve been wary of discounting and promoting Unbound since it really is the continuation of Threads That Bind and doesn’t make complete sense without reading the first book. I haven’t wanted someone to buy it on sale, try to read it first, and then have a bad experience. To help alleviate that, I am also discounting Threads That Bind to $0.99 for the same time frame. So, now readers can pick up both books for $1.98 – which is less than the $3.99 price that Unbound typically sells for and much less than the $6.98 both books typically cost.

So if you have been waiting to pick up Unbound or you want to recommend the books to family or friends, now is the time. Any help you can give to spread the word is much appreciated!


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