Apple, BN, and Kobo, Oh My!


UPDATE: After trying the experiment, I have decided to pull them off of the extended distribution and keep them exclusive to amazon. This allows me to participate in Kindle Unlimited which has changed and is now worth my being in again.



I finally pulled the trigger and have opted for a wider distribution of the Havoc Chronicles. they are now available on multiple platforms. So all of those who prefer the Nook Store, or iBooks, or Kobo, have the ability to buy the books on the platform of your choice.

One of the great things about this is that I am able to set Threads That Bind to be free for as long as I like. Changing the price from free back to paid may be a challenge, but for the time being, I am going to leave Threads That Bind as free so new readers can get a good sample before deciding to jump into the full series.

Threads That Bind (The Havoc Chronicles Book 1)

Price: FREE

Threads the Bind Cover Art






Apple Icon 2Amazon IconBN Icon2Kobo Icon 2

Unbound (The Havoc Chronicles Book 2)

Price: $3.99

Unbound Cover





Apple Icon 2Amazon IconBN Icon2Kobo Icon 2


Bonds That Break (The Havoc Chronicles Book 3)

Price $3.99

Bonds That Break Cover





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