5-Star Reviews

I’ve heard the advice many times – “Don’t read your reviews.” I understand it. I really do. Writers have to live in a constant balance of being both arrogant enough to think that anyone wants to read the stuff we make up in our heads and humble enough to continue to learn and develop.

For many writers, reading reviews can mess up that balance. Especially since writers tend to be an emotionally fragile group as a whole. They tend to discount the good reviews and obsess over the negative ones.

I admit, I do read my Amazon reviews. But I also don’t obsess over the bad ones. I check periodically and see what new reviews have happened. Today when I checked, I discovered that I now have 101 5-Star Reviews for Threads That Bind on the Amazon.com store.

Achievement Unlocked:  Triple digit 5-Star Reviews for a single book!

I’m pretty excited to hit that milestone. So, thanks to all my readers who made it happen! You guys are the best!

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